Rental Buster boats

Choose between Buster X, Magnum, Super Magnum or Cabin

Boating is available for everybody. Renting a boat is easy, no licence is needed, just common knowledge about boating and fair attitude about moving around with a boat. The rental boat includes all necessary equipment, also life vests. 

Buster X is good for fishing. Buster Magnum is your choice when going water skiing. Buster Cabin fits in two overnight sailorman. Experience the most fun moments of the summer season with a rental boat!  


Length: 5.25m
Width: 2.01m
Weight: 480kg
Capacity: 7
Engine: Yamaha 70hp

BusterQ 10", echo sounder,
padding, hood, compass


Lenght: 6.90m
Width: 2.42m
Weight: 928kg
Capacity: 8
Engine: Yamaha 200hp
Equipment: BusterQ 16", echo sounder,
padding, trims, hood,
water ski arch ,
electronic remote control


Lenght: 6.92m
Width: 2.43m
Weight: 1185kg
Capacity: 8

Yamaha 225hp


BusterQ 16", echo sounder,
bluetooth radio,bow thruster,
Webasto fuel heater, 
trims, Targa arch, rod stand,
sunroof, blackout curtains,
electronic remote control

Super Magnum

Length: 7,14m
Width: 2.42m
Weight: 1090kg
Capacity: 7
Engine: Yamaha 300hp
Equipment: BusterQ 16", echo sounder,
bluetooth radio, padding, trims,
electronic remotecontrol,
water ski arch, 
suspension front seats